Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Has it really been 4 months since I last managed to knock out a blog post?!

There's been so much going on, both at home and at work, that it has often seemed that I have no time left for my bikes (which is a sad, sad thing)

I have managed to aquire a more vintage ride, a lovely 1981 BMW R65, as seen below...

The little GN is now completely roadworthy and licensed, although I'm currently playing around with K&N filtering and carburettion which is causing a lot of headaches.

More pics to come soon!!


  1. Wauv nice slideshow at the bottom. How do I get that?

    1. Keith, it's thanks to a great site called

      Think of it as an online pinboard, a little like pinterest.
      The major difference is that you can have a bunch of boards that can be either private, shared or public.
      It's free to use for personal use and they have paid plans if you need more!
      Get on over and take a look

      The embedding for the slideshow just pulls from my Inspiration board where I put all the images that inspire my work with bikes.

      Thanks, Simon

  2. Now there's a lovely site to see. I haven't see a lot of vintage bmw's at the motorcycle shops back home for a long time, so seeing this R65 (is it in mint condition, or is it a fully restored version?) is a welcome thing.

  3. Always had respect for those who own vintage rides. It has to take a lot of dedication-and a good deal of the life's savings-to keep those classic vehicles rolling. There's also the rare spare parts to consider.